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Contacts For The Live Design Master Classes

Live Design

1166 Avenue of the Americas, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10036

David Johnson
Brand Leader
Phone: 212-204-4272

Marian Sandberg
Director of Content
Phone: 212-204-4266

Ellen Lampert-Greaux
Creative Director
Cell: 917-698-9890
Skype: 917 725 5043

John Morabito
Registration Support and Outreach
Phone: 203-846-0083

Kristi Taylor-Mountain
Attendee Services Manager
Phone: 303.998.9435

Michael F. LoBue
Production Manager, BMC

Ken Baird
Sales Manager
Phone: 913-981-6141
Fax: 913-514-3823

Kelly Turner
Sales Manager
Phone: 415-455-8305
Fax: 913-514-3817

Joanne Zola
Strategic Audio Sales Manager, BSMC
Phone: 415-310-2802

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